How to apply for a nursery place

How to apply for a nursery place

If you wish to have your child at a nursery, you have to send an application to the municipality of Volda.

In Volda there are a totalt of 16 nurseries. Half of them are public, and run by the municipality, while the remaining half are private.

Here you can find all the nurseries in Volda.

If your chile is born before November 30th, and your child has a registered address in the municipality of Volda, you have a right to receive a place in a nursery in March the following year. However, it is required to apply for a place to receive this right.

Children celebrating 1 year of age in September, October or November have the right to start nursery the month they turn 1 year.

How to apply for a place?

To receive a place at a nursery for your child(ren), it is mandatory to complete an online application for nursery places.

The application form require you to log in through the service ID-porten (where you sign in via BankID or MinSide).

If this service do not work, or you live in another municipality, please contact the service desk at the municipality of Volda for assistance.

The application deadline for the main enrolment is set to March 1st every year.

Am I eligible to apply?

Following people are eligible to apply for a nursery place in Volda:

  • New applicants.
  • People who wish to change current agreement or with to transfer their children to another nursery.

How to confirm a nursey place?

After receiving an offer of a place at a nursery, you must accept or decline offer of a nursery place.

We will send a text message to one of the listed parents of the child(ren) with more information and given deadline.