How to terminate nursery place agreement?

How to terminate nursery place agreement?

With one month's notice you may terminate your agreement of a place at any of our nurseries.

If you wish to terminate your agreement of a nursery place, you must contact the nursery your child(ren) are enrolled in or fill out the form presented in this paragraph.

According to the local regulations regaring termination of nursery places in the municipality of Volda, the following rules apply:

"The notice period for nursery places are one month from the 1st of the following month. If a child is taken of nursery from May 1st the parent(s) must terminate the nursery place agreement by April 1st. If the agreement is terminated after April 1st payment for June is also required.

PS: This is rules for public nurseries in Volda. For private nurseries other rules will apply.

Termination from the municipality

If there is a situastion of missing payment for a nursery place the municipailty have the authority to terminate your agreement. 

The parents will in these cases receive a message of termination with a notice period of one month.

Any outstanding payments may be used in assessments of future applications for either nurseries of after school programmes.